Significant Woman

Twenty 17

"God in your story"


Saturday May 20, 8.00am -6.00pm

 Woodcrest State College,  

38 Nev Smith Dr, Springfield 

             Senior School Auditorium

$90.00 Inclusive Catering and materials


“Significant Woman” is an amazing weekend of revelation, prophetic teaching and fresh insight packed into an interactive, experiential seminar.

Significant Woman empowers women to rise and  “stand” in their purpose and place in history and in the Kingdom of God.

With an atmosphere that challenges mindsets, Significant Woman brings women to a turning point of connecting their authentic self with their calling.

Sessions are designed to bring fresh revelation, which is explored through sharing and conversation in small groups, encouraging each woman to move closer to a more intimate understanding of our true identity founded in the unconditional love of God.

It is an interactive experience connecting mind, soul and spirit to the heart of God.

During Significant Woman we explore...

  • Your Story
  • The Power of your story
  • Inside your Story - Gods purpose and plans unfolding
  • Longevity and staying fresh 
  • Building a memorial
  • Ministry time

·  The program was inspired by God’s mandate to Moses – not to establish a religion, but to establish a nation of people who would love, serve and honour God. This “royal priesthood and holy nation” (1 Peter 2: 9) cuts through the confusion of religions and misinterpretation of divine purpose. At the centre is the message of the Kingdom of God – the driving force of our destiny and purpose.